Monday, March 5, 2012

You Might Be A Midwest Farmer's Daughter...

If you pronounce creek, crick

If your early mornings during childhood involved, milking cows, gathering eggs or bringing in the sheep, and all before the school bus arrived at 6am

If you had a pet chicken named Henrietta

If you ate fried chicken who you once knew as Henrietta

If you ever rode a cow on a dare

If you rode a horse bareback on purpose

If you ever took a nap and woke up with straw face

If you once had a pony named Queenie, Blackie or Sham

If your first kiss was in the hay loft from a kid named Chuck who lived on a dairy farm half a mile away

If you had a bucket full of tadpoles that you watched become frogs and not because of a school science project

If you made jewelry out of stalks of wheat, dandielions and fireflies

If you looked forward to the annual greased pig contest and tractor pull every summer

If your Barbie Doll rode a toy John Deer Tractor

If your favorite foot wear options were, Barefoot or Cowboy Boots

If you tried "City Life" and still long to be back in the "Country"

...then you might be a Midwest Farmer's Daughter


  1. I love this and may have to borrow it for my Country at Heart blog. :) Thanks!