Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Galloping Grasshoppers and Jockey Ants (poem story)

A fun poem to read to your kids or you can just read it to yourself if you like. Who knows, you might relate if you've ever eaten spicy Szechuan Beef just before going to sleep! 

Galloping Grasshoppers and Jockey Ants

While tripping through the woods one day,
I heard a robin singing gay.

I turned to see him in his song,
but quickly found that I was wrong.
Twas not a bird was singing there,
instead it was a Panda bear.

I lingered on into a field 
and quickly found that I must yield 
a six foot grasshopper galloping past
with an ant for a jockey holding on fast.

I followed them into a cave;
to my surprise, there was a wave
of water coming ten feet high
and goats on surf boards surfing by.

I grabbed a board to hitch a ride
and as we floated with the tide
we passed a sailboat sailing near
who's captain was a white-tailed deer.

He steered his boat on out to sea
but to the beach, continued me 
and finally reaching sandy shore
I saw my grasshopper once more.
He galloped past me oh so large
with the jockey ant still in charge.

Quickly I chased him to a lake
and there I met a talking snake,
wearing a sock on the tip of his tail 
while giving a speech to an African snail.

As I was listening to his speech
I heard the most horrendous screech
and pulled the sheets above my eyes,
but finally from my bed did rise
to push the button on my clock
until it sounded just tick-tock.

I laughed about these things surreal;
the funny way they made me feel,
and how they really made no sense
but couldn't bear them as past tense
and hoped I'd see them through my day
but I guess dreams don't work that way!


  1. Very cute poem that I will read to my grandchildren, did you write it?

  2. Originally written by me in 1983 for a class I took in college. But I changed it up a bit and plan on having it illustrated to become a book. It had been published in Windflowers April 1989 along with a few other poems that I wrote. I had pretty much forgotten about them. Thank you, I hope your grandchildren enjoy it.