Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No More Mersydotes!

Today I am officially free of the responsibility for a child. Yes, according to the laws of the land, I am free.

For nearly 39 years of my lifetime, that's more than 3/4th's of my entire life, I managed to: 


breast feed; 

wipe runny noses; 

teach how to tie shoes; 

sing "Mare's Eat Oat's"; 

explain that the words are not "Mersydotes"; 

bake and decorate theme birthday cakes involving Mermaids, Winnie the Pooh and Super Mario;

host parties which involved sleeping bags and turning off the TV at 3am while carefully stepping over the lifeless bodies of teenagers on the floor of our family room, (kinda' sounds like a horror movie doesn't it?); 

worry about someone contracting one of the 3 "m's"-mumps, measles or mononucleosis; 

purchase prom gowns, wrestling head gear or endlessly searching for that perfect pair of cowboy boots; 

plan, stitch together and fit home-made Halloween costumes for every devil, vampire, California raisin or other character asked for; 

revel in the joy of a new puppy with; 

clean up after that new puppy; 

cry with over the new puppy who was accidentally run over by a car when someone who should have taken him out on a leash but chose not to ended up learning a very important lesson about puppies; 

hold tight to and silently thank God that, the someone was not running after the new puppy, while carefully explaining that the puppy was now in Little Dog Heaven; 

lie about the fact that I had a perfect childhood and always listened to and did everything my parents expected of me; 

share every sneaked candy bar, soda pop or HoHo I was caught red-handed with, (notice I said was caught with); 

travel hours in a mini van with a team of giggling, secret telling, 12 year old softball players and biting my nails to the quick while watching that same team of softball players in the eighth inning of the World Series, tie the game only to lose but then travel hours back home with that same team of 12 year old softball players while they continued to giggle and tell secrets;

spend a quiet moment one on one with someone I once gave birth to, possibly high on a hilltop, while explaining the entire universe, as in, why fish don't clouds are formed...and why babies really are found in a cabbage patch; 

and probably the biggie of all: 

having heard those famous never last words while traveling anywhere at any time by any means, "Are we there yet?".

And I will dearly miss every single moment!

Happy 21st birthday to my last and final baby... now bring on the grandchildren!

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