My 10 Tip's to Help Make the Best 
Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

Tip #1
Take your eggs out of the refridgerator about an hour or two before you plan to use them. (Just set them aside, making sure they don't roll off the counter like mine have done. I'm not sure why, but it always makes the cookies better.)

Tip #2
Find something inspiring to watch on the boob tube or computer while you bake. I'm watching Phantom of the Opera right now. (OMGosh, Ramin Karimloo really melts my butter. Sorry Big Guy, no one melts my butter the way you do though!)

Tip #3
Make certain you use the proper measuring cups, dry measure cups for flour, sugars, etc. and liquid measure cups for well the obvious, liquids. I posted these photos so you would know the difference! It also helps to use the same mixing bowls your grandmother used like I have but no biggie if you don't have any, I just wanted to brag!

for Dry ingredients

for Liquid ingredients

My grandmothers mixing bowls

Tip #4
If you can do half Butter (unsalted) and half shortening, do it. The cookies are a little crisper but also stay chewy. I only use good quality shortening, the cheaper stuff doesn't seem to work as well.

Tip #5
Remember, only beat in one egg at a time and scrape the sides of the bowl well. (That's my OCD talkin' to ya!)

Tip #6
Divide the flour, salt and baking soda mixture into three separate additions to your batter mixture and use the back of a big spoon to fold it in. Don't forget to scrape the sides of the bowl! (OCD alert)

It helps to have a pink spatula (just my opinion)

Tip #7
Always add a little more chocolate chips than the two cups the recipe calls for and be sure to accidentally drop a few on the clean counter so they'll have to be eaten. (Now that you've been forced to pick them up with your sticky fingers, you wouldn't want them to contaminate the batch now would you?)

(Also I wanted to take this moment to show off this handy little gadget that makes it easier to load and unload the dough but sadly I have no idea where I got this thing and it's possible it isn't really supposed to be used for this anyway.)

Tip #8
Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not throw away the burnt cookies! 
(My Grandpa would roll over in his grave.)

Tip #9
Place cookies almost immediately on cooling racks. (My favorite are the ones that stack and take up less counter space. Crumbs are easier to clean up if they're contained to a smaller space!)

Tip #10
Beware of Cookie Thieves! (Some of them come disguised in ballcaps and overalls!)

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