Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tongue Tied and Twisted TV Talk

What a day! Wake up with dog at 5am; he can't breath and I can't sleep because I can hear him wheezing. I hold him close and reassure him until he can finally calm down enough to go back to sleep. His doggie asthma has come back full force now that he has aged and it's always worse in the early morning hours.

I can't go back to sleep now, so I join my Big Guy who has put on the coffee water. We discuss the day ahead of us and before I know it he's off to his city work and I'm trying to find something decent to wear to my TV interview. It's not what you think.

My oldest daughter is a contestant on Wheel of Fortune!

Just say that to a complete stranger while standing in the long line at the post office and even someone who looks like they've been sucking on a pickle all day will light up like an incandescent bulb. In fact, they did!

As an avid Wheel Watcher for nearly 30 years now, having your daughter become a contestant is almost as good as you being one yourself. I am a card carrying, puzzle solving, verb and consonant seeking freak and I'm proud of it! 

I used to watch this show religiously back when it was on three times in one day and even though one was a repeat, I still watched it. Our family watched it every night at supper time and I even wrote a story about that experience, (kinda' hokey though so I may or may not share it with you), and our children grew up addicted just like me. Ok, maybe they aren't all addicted like me but at least one of them turned out alright and she proved it by being on the show. 

My Big Guy and I flew to California in January to watch the show be taped. It was a wonderful, life changing, (well maybe not life changing), fun experience that I can't tell you anymore about until after the show airs tomorrow night. 

But I can tell you to watch it to find out what happens, and I can tell you it is a very special show and that they have never done a show like this one ever before!

So I picked out something decent enough to wear on the evening news where thousands of people would tune in to watch me look ridiculous and women I don't even know could criticize my lack of hairdo and make-up skills. We had agreed to meet at my little shop since meeting at our home with three little fur-balls running amuck, barking and begging for attention just wouldn't have worked out. Luckily the reporter was running late since I am always running late and I still managed to get there before her. She wanted to set-up in the actual shop area so she could have a background, which made me a little nervous. But she picked the area with the best assortment of stuff and kept complimenting the small rose bouquet that was on a shelf behind the chair she had me sit in. If you happen to notice it when you see me on the news tonight and would like to purchase it for your sweetheart for Valentines Day, it's $5.50, a real bargain and there is still time to ship if purchased before Saturday.

How did the interview go, you ask? I babbled! I babbled and babbled and then when she asked me another question I think I babbled some more! I don't know what came over me but I couldn't seem to concentrate. I couldn't remember the things that I had practiced to say while I was taking my shower this morning. I had rehearsed all of the smart and intellectual words I would use to describe my daughters exciting blessing. I had practiced looking proud motherly in my mirror for almost an hour and I even carefully checked in between my teeth to make sure there wasn't any broccoli remnants left from last nights supper. 

When the reporter finally said she thought it was a take and seemed happy with everything, I just kept trying to remember what I had said that was at all coherent.

So that was my morning and everything since has been a blur, and until I actually see the news at ten, I'm not even certain that any of it really happened. Guess I'll watch when my Big Guy pinches me and I wake up from this dream!

"I'm a Wheel Watcher, I'm a Wheel Watcher; you can be one too..."


  1. What a cute post. I hope I remember to tune in on Thursday and be a Wheel Watcher. Hope your daughter enjoyed her game show rxperience.

  2. Thank you Paulette. I hope you enjoy the show!