Monday, January 30, 2012

Poem #1

No Fishing Here

Tillie the turtle and Franklin frog
had a discussion in Black Lily Bog.

Tillie said, "Frankly, Franklin my friend,
this polution must stop, it must come to an end."

Said Franklin of this, "I agree, my dear,
I'm tired of swimming through cans of beer.

It spoils the taste of the bugs I eat
by making them bitter and no longer sweet.

But not only that, it makes me tire. 
For substance like this I have no desire."

"I know what you mean exactly," said Tillie.
"It makes me act so childish and silly.

And after a while my head starts to pound;
it hurts just to hear the least little sound."

Their discussion continued with further complaints.
A decision was made that there must be restraints.

The two both agreed, "It's the fisherman's fault.
Not only the drinking, the fishing must hault!"

So they put up a sign and here's how it read:

G. S. Lortscher
April 1984

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