Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Job Blues

My dear Blog, I've missed you so
but to a job I've had to go
 and work my fingers to the bone
texting notes, computer, phone.

It's been great and somewhat new
with lots of things to learn to do;
my own desk from 9 to 5
see me here, I'm still alive!

And as I swivel in my chair

and twirl a finger through my hair
I think of where I'd rather be
and all the sights I'd like to see,

the flowers blooming on my farm,
the sunshine out there looks so warm;
my foofoo doggies on a walk
or maybe just to sit and talk

and then those things when you're at work
those things you need to do will lurk
and haunt you when you try to sleep
so you just wish that they would keep

then tax day came and quickly went

and now I need a place to vent
since I was not so well prepared 
I woulda', coulda', shoulda' cared

and maybe I won't be here, sigh,
when Mr. IRS comes by
to ask me for his huge percent
when I can hardly pay the rent

but then again I have this job
so yes, I guess I shouldn't sob
when there are those who get no pay
I'm sure they'd trade my place today

and now I'll leave you with this thought
"I hope I'll have time to Blogspot!"

1 comment:

  1. What a fun, cute, and funny poem! Blog when you can I'll be waiting.